Frequently Asked Questions

How long does grooming take?

Grooming time varies between pets. You can expect your pet to be in our care for approximately two hours. We will call you as soon as your pet is ready to be picked up. 

Are your groomers CPR certified?

Yes. Our groomers are Pet First Aid and CPR certified. Our certifications are displayed in the salon. 

Are dogs allowed to interact with each other?

No. For the safety of all dogs in our care we do not let dogs interact with each other while in our care. 

How do you dry the dogs?

 We use only safe, non-heated dryers on your pets.  

Can I stay with my dog?

We do have an area for pet owners to wait if you wish to do so. However, we typically do not recommend staying during the grooming process as it puts your pet at greater risk for injury. In most cases, if your dog can see you or knows you're there, they will become overly excited and fight to get to you, making it harder for us to safely complete the grooming.

How often should my pet be groomed?

We recommend grooming be done every 4-8 weeks. Regular grooming is an essential part of your dogs health and well being. Not only does it help with shedding, matting, and skin/coat health but it can also lead to the discovery of new health problems before they become a more serious problem. 

My dog is matted, will they have to be shaved short?

The severity of the matting depends on how short your dog will have to be or if we are able to save the coat. However, if the matting is close to the skin, shaving the hair short is the safest and most comfortable option for your pet. If the matting is not severe, we can attempt to demat. As our prices reflect the time grooming takes, a dematting fee of $5 per 10 minutes will be applied. 

We will go over all of your options at check-in.

Safety Protocols


All items that a pet comes in contact with during their grooming session are disinfected between pets. This includes scissors, blades, combs, brushes, tables and kennels. We use a pet safe 256 disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Safety First

Too often, injuries occur in the grooming salon due to pets being allowed to interact with one another without proper supervision. For the safety of each pet, we never allow pets to interact while in our care. 

Your pet is never left unattended. Pets are never left alone on a table or in the tub and can be seen from all areas in the salon when in a kennel. 


Although emergencies are a rare occurrence, we want to be prepared should one happen while your pet is in our care. In the event of an emergency, our groomers are trained in pet first aid and CPR. If medical attention is required, we will seek emergency care for your pet.

To date, we have never had to seek emergency medical care for a pet.